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Eileen Richardot

Eileen Richardot, RCS, RDCS, FASE is a certified cardiac sonographer with extensive hospital,structural intervention and outpatient echocardiography experience. Her experienceencompasses advanced modalities including strain imaging, ultrasound contrast and 3Dechocardiography.Eileen serves on the CME committee of the American Society of Echocardiography and holdsthe distinction of being a Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE), whichwas obtained through a focus on training and mentoring echocardiography with students,sonographers and cardiology fellows in training.Eileen’s outside passions include her husband and two sons as well as a black Labrador retrievernamed Linus. Other interests including working out at the gym, gardening and reading.

Darin Cutler

My name is Darin Cutler, and I am a Medical Assistant working with Parkview Cardiology. Currently I am a college student completing an undergraduate’s program in Allied-health biology which I plan to work towards a master’s degree. Over the years I have worked as an emergency medicine corpsman in the United States Navy and have found my love of helping others through those experiences. My goals are to become a Physician’s Assistant and continue a career in the healthcare system as a provider of medicine and to teach others on healthy lifestyles. Emergency medicine has taught me how to render care in an efficient manner and to care for those in need. I have a passion for helping others and love to assist in the medical needs of our patients. Growing up I always wanted to become a magician because it was a form of enjoyment for my friends and family. Although, I was not particularly great at magic, I found happiness in making others feel good. My hobbies include playing musical instruments, magic, and medicine. All of which allowed me to help those around me and become a more caring person.

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